So what’s it all about?

What’s the first thing you reach for in the morning? In years gone by, for the average person that might have been your packet of cigarettes or even your alarm clock, but I would put money on it now, that the first thing you reach for is your mobile phone, your Smartphone, to check what has been happening in the world overnight? Am I right or am I right?

These days I have to actually reach for my glasses first – another of the joys of getting older and probably that will be after I have had to make yet another trip to the loo but hey ho! Being older actually bring many joys but more of that another time!

So there I am, bleary eyed, reaching for my phone to see what has been happening in the world and I get a daily email from a well known on-line newspaper with the headlines for me to peruse which leads me to places, and sites that I would never normally find so I can lose myself for a good long while.

Well, this morning was one of those and it lead me to a blog by a female experienced clinician, who says it is as it is, and who I am now following, having never got into blogs before.

These days the average person knows they shouldn’t but does anyway…by which I mean believes pretty much anything that is written – especially if by some celebrity so that I will have friends and colleagues telling me that they are eating the latest ‘spinach and cucumber’ diet (which does, as far as I am aware, not actually exist – yet) because it is the best thing since the previous clap trap that they believed.

Where has their brain gone in these decisions? I have students (yes, I am a teacher) tell me in all seriousness that some nonsense piece of tarted up science has to be a fact because it is used by everyone or believed by the majority.

And that is the problem and therefore that is why Dr. Jen Gunter’s blog this morning was such an inspiration to me to start mine as here was the blog of a bona fide, full on qualified clinician making informed comment on a celebrity’s pseudo science and facing a backlash from the celebrity machine.

Here I go then, to add in my ten penneth worth and to see whether I too can uncover some s’truth Ruth! Wish me luck as I might need it x